Friday, September 28, 2012

And the shadows grew darker, longer...

We've got some great things in the works at Chthonic headquarters.  Leaves are shifting and drifting, these bones are getting restless, that's for sure.

Up next/soon is a tape from Tucson's Wanda Junes.  Faux country ballads, real country ballads, working man's blues.  It's made me cry.  Preview a track below and be thankful.

Plus Timothy Boulanger's got two new cassettes of homemade boom-box recordings that are finally coming together. Songs about drugs, drunks, death, love, and hate. Happy songs and sad songs, songs to sing along to, all sorts of songs strummed out in gooey goodness that will rise through the tape hiss into your ears. Take a sneak peak listen and see what we mean.

Then, in the works is the long over-due 2nd comp tape.  It's gonna be well worth the wait.

Also, head over the releases page and gobble up the download for the Again Again cd-are-nots.

AND, a few other things in the works that shall be revealed in due time.   Just you wait.

Send love letters and hate mail.  crude drawings and bad songs.


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