4.00 PPD

Thirty minutes of all your favorite songs by good ol' Timmy boy on a single sided cassette tape. This one's real good. Free download on the bandcamp page or buy the real thing (which is what you really want) here for the low, low price of 4 dollars with shipping included! (Punk prices.) Get it now because there's only be 40 of these suckers.

A1 This One's For Fun City, and if You Don't Like it, You Can Get the Fuck to Fuck Off City
A2 Weekend at the Parent's House

A3 Codependent Blues
A4 It's Lonely When You Hate Yourself
A5 Circle A-Hole
A6 When You're Dead, You're Dead


5.00 PPD
Way hardcore, punk-ass, hardcore-ass, grump rock from the new Green Day: Jesus Christ and the Goddamns

A1 Tupac Lives (But it Doesn't Fucking Matter Anyway)
A2 Green Day
A3 No More Funemployment
A4 Holiday Party '09
A5 Coping
B1 Skullfuckers
B2 Party House Blues
B3 This Machine Kills Brain Cells
B4 Funky Buttlovin'!



5.00 PPD includes digital download

Oh shit! Debut release from the Pentagraham Crackers on cassette tapes with hand drawn covers by a whole mess of different characters. The songs are rock songs and punk songs and sad songs and happy songs and songs to blast in your car or boombox. get it.

A1 Birds of Breath
A2 Mouth Full of Gutters
A3 Danger Blues
A4 Noose For a Halo
B1 Depression
B2 Dungeons and Dragons
B3 Man's Man
B4 40 oz. of Blues
B5 The Afterlife



5.00 PPD  includes digital download

Bobby from Feel Free, Steve from Monster Pussy, not sure where Jesus is from, playin' country folk, working man's blues.
Limited to 100 copies, printing by Tanline Printing. 

A1 I'm A Horse
A2 Folk Attempt 1
A3 Out On Territory Trail
A4 I Will Not Dance

B1 Five Finger Discount
B2 However You Want

B3 New Restaurant
B4 Avocado Pie


SWENSON CLANE - "Eve Over the Alpha Male" CS
5.00 PPD

Fuzzed out weirdo rock from S. Clane.
Limited to 50 copies in hand-made pouches. 

A1 Eve Over the Alpha Male
A2 By Association
A3 The Spine
B1 Dome
B2 Nocturne


3.00 ppd

SAM BURTON - "Herd Behavior" CDR
Sam spits out 5 gut-wrenchingly beautiful songs. Limited to 50 copies on handmade CDRs. Covers cut from old WWII books. Get it now.

1. When It's Done We Are Bruised
2. There is no Forgiveness
3. I Buried the Hatchet
4. Swallowed by the Waves
5. When I Awoke


The latest from Sam Burton, who you might remember as one of the musicians who came out of the Spy Hop label a few years back. He's back and working with Chthonic Records to release this five-track EP titled Herd Behavior. The EP has been described by the label as “gut-wrecnhing beautiful songs,' which is a pretty fitting title as these are about as bare-boned and honest as you can get. Most of them are simply Burton with a guitar, perhaps with a little bass and harmonic to dress it up on occasion. A really nice departure from his prior works, and a fitting kind of album for the season. It may just be an EP, but this is a must-have for the year.
-City Weekly (Salt Lake)


5.00 ppd
Jonathan Boulay / Timothy Boulanger - "Boulay / Boulanger" split cassette. 5.00 ppd with glow in the dark artwork and download code Jonathan Boulay and Timothy Boulanger both know how to describe things through words and sounds that are near and dear to us. They pinpoint feelings that are hard to describe unless you've felt them. These songs take you to a place of apathy, contemplation, nostalgia, but with a raw undertone and influences around the board. - Brent Colbert

A1 Babies
A2 Light of the Moon
A3 de
A4 Color of Blue
A5 Don't Die In Me
A6 Dirty Hands

B1 Scorpion Woman
B2 WBEZ Management By Our Boss Mr. Torey Malatia
B3 The Boy in the Well
B4 Promontory Point
B5 Friends Like These, Huh Gary?


5.00 ppd

dBpm - "Music To Fuck To"  Cassette. Last release by dBpm. mini cassette housed in recycled cigarette boxes. one cigarette included with each tape. Listening while fucking is recommended. 
A. Smoking Is an Adult Pleasure
B. Cumming

I love the idea that some weirdos out there might actually fuck to this. Although we are both weirdos, my wife and I would probably not be that into it. Dead Meadow? Yeah, we can rock that but gritty drone? That is probably not going to happen. For those few couples out there that could truly fuck to noise and drone this may be up your alley. Figuratively. This cassette is actually pretty short, probably about 10 minutes per side, so in that way it's probably pretty realistic for most people to fuck to. Both sides contain some beautiful if not slightly harsh waves of drone. The first of these sides comes in waves so huge it sounds like you are listening to this while on a giant pendulum. The second side is a bit more straight forward in it's delivery but a bit more potent. It's a great release musically. The packaging is also noteworthy. The cassette is packaged in a reclaimed cigarette box with a real hand rolled cigarette inside. The insert has all the info and is designed to fit perfectly with it's box. Well done. Really an extra point for the execution here. Definitely check this one out. - Dead Formats

6.00 ppd

Samuel Locke Ward and Toby Goodshank - New split 7" EP out now with NYC anti-folk artist Toby Goodshank (of the Moldy Peaches)! Split release by Slumber Party Records from Omaha, us here at Chthonic. EP features 3 songs on each side. SLW side a collaboration with Ross Meyer, Pete Balestrieri, Skye Carrasco & Grace Locke Ward. SLW cover drawn by Toby Goodshank.  Toby Goodshank cover drawn by SLW.  7" comes with a free digital download!

Sam LW will be touring the country starting this April so look for the dates on those at Sam's blog. 

Samuel Locke Ward's Side:

1. Nothing For Me
2. Bliss Blue Skies
3. The Top

Toby Goodshank's Side:
1. Beach
2. Alana
3. Virgo Song


 Again Again
5 Tracks, 44 minutes of improvasational jazz/noise/sound


5.00 ppd

6335 / dBpm / Silver Antlers / Transcode - "4way Split Cassette"  Tape features 4 different artists with 4 very different tracks. Anti-music, drones, EAI, ambiences, melodies, harshness and pleasantries. Each tape comes in a one of a kind hand made sleeve. Each tape looks different but sticks to the same THEME. limited to 40 copies so grab one while you can.  Comes with digital download.

6335 - Transformer Blues
dBpm - 198(?) (mp3)

Silver Antlers - Unicorn Tears
Transcode - Abdominal Pain

Utah has some pretty killer sounds coming out of it these days. This four way split is made up of 75% Utah acts and it's a pretty awesome cross section of potential. 6335 starts out with what i think is a live performance full of ever shifting waves of distortion and glitches before settling into some restrained drones. The audio on this is a little lacking but I assume that is the live quality of the recording. dBpm is very beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Sigur Ros' approach to drone and ambient. Silver Antlers delivers a track that sounds very professional and has a touch of rhythm throughout it. It leans a bit towards a Brian Eno style of minimal electronic. Finally, Transcode (AZ) sounds like they took a song with piano, acoustic guitars, drums and horns and completely destroyed it. Cut up sounds start out the chaos before super restrained tones finish off this release. Well done. The packaging is simple and very DIY. Everything is handwritten, the outside, the insert and all done with a Bic pen. The outsides are spraypainted as are the tapes. You will also receive a download code, so that rules. - Dead Formats


10.00 ppd

RAKE KASH - Herr Tambourine Mann 1 Sided 12" EP + digital download. Instrumental organ/piano/percussions/guitars/lots of that jazz pressed on a nice 1 sided 12" vinyl record. excellent vibes and sounds coming off a nice slab of wax. Download comes with tons of bonus material (14 tracks) plus the LP album. 
LP Tracklist:
1. 69 Questions
2. Foreign Lands
3. Magda
4. Hot Tears
5. Autumn Crickets
6. Dear S.
7. An Old Man Goes A-Wondering
8. Herr Tambourhine Mann

Bonus Download Tracklist:
1. 69 Questions
2. Foreign Lands
3. Magda
4. Hot Tears
5. Autumn Crickets
6. Dear S.
7. An Old Man Goes A-Wondering
8. Herr Tambourhine Mann

9. 1
10. 2
11. 3
12. 4
13. 5
14. 6
15. 7
16. 8
17. 9
18. 10
19. 11
20. 12
21. 13
22. 14

Chthonic Records first vinyl release comes in the form of a Rake Kash one sided 12” that is available in an extremely limited quantity of 100 copies. The paste on sleeve and home made aesthetic add to the quirky charm of this record which is a collection of lo-fi instrumentals. Mainly comprised of synths and pianos the tracks flow like a soundtrack to a bizarre b-movie from a bygone era. The music is evocative and serene and definitely worth your time.

-Rad Vinyl

5.00 ppd

compilation cassette mostly singer songwriter material with a few instrumental tracks here and there. exclusive tracks from these fine people:

Ed Rooney "Random Room Sounds / This Old Hymn"
Erik Sahd "You Gotta Keep Trying"
1h86335 "Wetlands'
dBpm "The Fork in the Road"
Joe Brook "Righteous Man"
Mark McMahan "The Green Chapel"
Feel Free "Red River Banks"
Samuel Locke-Ward "REAL Hard"

Johannestanz "Give Me a Name No. 1"
Gladhands "Refrigerator Mother"
Ed Gray & Coyote Blood "Just Born"
Ramon Speed "Stopping By the Platte On a Summer Evening"
Ben Trickey "Tangle" (come on hold on sessions version)
Egg & Dart "Richard Pryor's Vacation Home"
L. Eugene Methe "Pale Plums"
Jonathan Boulay "I Leave It Everywhere"

Partial - No Dad Days Digital Download


Released January 16, 2010.
Tyler Evans gives you his nice little album for free. Lofi acoustic songs simple and great.

the tracklisting should be as follows:

1. Caterers
2. Whiteout
3. Dr. King's Blvd
4. Crowded Mouth
5. Only Slowly
6. No Dad Days

4.00 ppd

dBpm - Untitled CS 
60 minutes of noise, drone, samples, and ambient garbage of electronics and amplifier feedback. Harsh and melodic lots of different sounds to go through.

A. Part I
B. Part II


4.00 ppd

Work In Progress - S/T CS 
Long lost songs with little to no self-consciousness. Written and recorded 2001-2002. Work In Progress was Jonathan Boulay. Purple tapes limited to 25 copies.

1 National Pastime
2 Rinse Repeat
3 The Bullseye
4 Must
5 Do What You Want To Do

6 Pay For the Rain
7 The Affluent Society
8 American Recession
9 The Destroyer
10 Like No One Else