Sunday, November 14, 2010


Rake Kash cassette EP from L Eugene Methe in the works. Should be getting all the hot tracks soon ready to be dubbed up and sent to your mail box. listen to some KASH in the meantime at Be on the lookout for this in the next few weeks.

Also the Timothy Boulanger & Jonathan Boulay split tape is getting some final touches done in the coming week and will be all ready for your listening pleasures shortly. Then keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting releases that are on the DOWN LOW for right now. more info soon.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

News: October 2010

A couple releases in the works right now. first up is a split tape with 1h86335, dBpm, and Silver Antlers also another artist TBA. Electronics, ambiences, noise, sound collage and whathaveyou.

Then we've got up a Jonathan Boulay / Tim Boulanger split tape. two songwriters playing their songs.

then a bit later will be a Samuel Locke-Ward Lathe cut first in a series of Lathe cuts he's doing on numerous labels, sure to be great.

Also coming up will be a 1h86335 Lathe as well more info about the Lathe-cuts soon!

all the best,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Austistic Comp in City Weekly

thought this was pretty nice just some news about the comp in city weekly here in Salt Lake City.

"After last week with absolutely no release shows we have three and a little something extra for you over the course of the week. And we’ll start with the extra as a brand new cassette release makes its way around the city. That’s right, you heard me, cassette tape. A localized compilation album put to reel and released by the brand spanking new CHTHONIC Records entitled: I Think I Might Be Autistic. It includes exclusive works from 1h86335, Joe Brook, Ed Grey & Coyote Blood, Egg & Dart, dBpm, Ed Rooney, Gladhands, Feel Free, L. Eugene Methe and more. You can click on over to their website and pick it up for $5, or look around local shops starting today for a copy."

Sunday, July 11, 2010


5.00 ppd


compilation cassette mostly singer songwriter material with a few instrumental tracks here and there. exclusive tracks from these fine people:

Ed Rooney "Random Room Sounds / This Old Hymn"
Erik Sahd "You Gotta Keep Trying"
1h86335 "Wetlands'
dBpm "The Fork in the Road"
Joe Brook "Righteous Man"
Mark McMahan "The Green Chapel"
Feel Free "Red River Banks"
Samuel Locke-Ward "REAL Hard"

Johannestanz "Give Me a Name No. 1"
Gladhands "Refrigerator Mother"
Ed Gray & Coyote Blood "Just Born"
Ramon Speed "Stopping By the Platte On a Summer Evening"
Ben Trickey "Tangle" (come on hold on sessions version)
Egg & Dart "Richard Pryor's Vacation Home"
L. Eugene Methe "Pale Plums"
Jonathan Boulay "I Leave It Everywhere"

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finishing up the "I Think I Might Be Autistic" Compilation Cassette. Been working on the insert/artwork/all that stuff all day long. It's still not done though, waiting on a couple more tracks which should be here in the next few days. Once they're here we'll have this baby out shortly after that (Shooting for the 15th of July). Tape consists of a mostly singer/songwriter affair but you'll be sure to hear some tracks that are anything but. Contributers include (but aren't limited to): Ed Rooney, Jonathan Boulay, dBpm, L.E. Methe, Ed Gray & Coyote Blood, Joe Brook, Partial, Ramon Speed, Ben Trickey, Feel Free, Johannenstanz, Samuel Locke-Ward, Silver Antlers, 1h86335, Gladhands, Erik Sahd, + More!

Egg and Dart news!
Egg & Dart is a music thing started by Tyler Evans. Songs about The 1992 Dream Team, angry dolphin lovers, and the state of New Mexico are all part of the celebration of American life in the upcoming album, tentatively titled "Food Chain Gang".

The album will be out in Spring/Summer 2010 on Chthonic Records.

Available now are 3 Partials albums! for free digitally!


Tapes $4 ppd each or $7 for both

Out now!:

Work In Progress Cassette

dBpm Cassette

Buy both tapes for 7.00 ppd

Out Soon!:
I Think I Might Be Autistic - Compilation Cassette featuring:
Ed Rooney
Erik Sahd
Samuel Locke-Ward
Jonathan Boulay
Joe Brook
Ben Trickey
Ramon Speed
Ed Gray & Coyote Blood
L. Eugene Methe
Feel Free
Mark McMahan

Out Later:
Jonathan Boulay Live Cassette
Egg and Dart CDR/Tape (one or the other, maybe both)