Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finishing up the "I Think I Might Be Autistic" Compilation Cassette. Been working on the insert/artwork/all that stuff all day long. It's still not done though, waiting on a couple more tracks which should be here in the next few days. Once they're here we'll have this baby out shortly after that (Shooting for the 15th of July). Tape consists of a mostly singer/songwriter affair but you'll be sure to hear some tracks that are anything but. Contributers include (but aren't limited to): Ed Rooney, Jonathan Boulay, dBpm, L.E. Methe, Ed Gray & Coyote Blood, Joe Brook, Partial, Ramon Speed, Ben Trickey, Feel Free, Johannenstanz, Samuel Locke-Ward, Silver Antlers, 1h86335, Gladhands, Erik Sahd, + More!

Egg and Dart news!
Egg & Dart is a music thing started by Tyler Evans. Songs about The 1992 Dream Team, angry dolphin lovers, and the state of New Mexico are all part of the celebration of American life in the upcoming album, tentatively titled "Food Chain Gang".

The album will be out in Spring/Summer 2010 on Chthonic Records.

Available now are 3 Partials albums! for free digitally!

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