Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall 2011

Alright we've got some new stuff out including:

Sam Burton's "Herd Behavior" CDR EP
Jonathan Boulay / Timothy Boulanger "Split CS"
dBpm "Music to Fuck to" CS

also a free live split album between Timothy Boulanger, Sam Burton, and The Awful Truth. available here:

the bandcamp page has also been updated with free downloads of select albums/tracks.

Again Again CDR. Mark McMahan plays some jazz, noise, guitar, efects etc. 5 tracks in 45 minutes. Look for this one soon.
Timothy Boulanger 2x CS
Timothy Boulanger / Sam Burton Split CS
The Awful Truth EP
Compilation CS #2


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News news news! Summer 2011

It's summer and we haven't had a release in a few months but don't worry because there's lots coming up. Or a few things rather. First of all the long awaited Jonathan Boulay / Timothy Boulanger split cassette has been completed putting them tapes together this week so it should be ready for everyone sometime next week if all goes as planned.

Next will be the dBpm cassette ep "Music to Fuck to" should be coming together this week as well. 14 minutes of noise music put on to purple cassette tapes housed in old cigarette boxes. Comes with some extra goodies for your adult pleasures.

Also a short run of CDRs will be made from an incredible House Show that was played a few weekends ago to say goodbye to a great home that had many wonderful shows. This was the one to end them all. It was recorded and will be available for whoever wants a copy soon. The fine folks who play on this one are the lovely: Timothy Boulanger, Sam Burton, and Brent Colbert's project "Awful Truth."

Lastly we're starting a new compilation cassette and looking for some more people to be on it. So if you've got some tracks and want to submit feel free to send us an email over at chthonicrecords@gmail.com.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yoooo, First off bunch of stuff is now available! Up first we got the Rake Kash 12" LP synthesizers, piano, bass, hammond organ, & tambourine and recorded on a cassette 4-track in Austin and Omaha. Some of the tracks are lovingly arranged and dripping with a sentimental quality that recalls eastern european soundtracks during the heyday of film. Other tracks are more propulsive and dominated by circular bass and the wheezing Hammnond. It's limited to 100 copies and comes with a digital DL for the album as well as a whole entire bonus album download as well. co-released with http://gertrudetapes.blogspot.com/">Gertrude Tapes

Next is the Samuel Locke Ward / Toby Goodshank Split 7" EP. NYC anti-folk artist Toby Goodshank (of the Moldy Peaches)! Split release with Slumber Party Records out of Omaha, NE and us here at Chthonic. EP features 3 songs on each side. SLW side a collaboration with Ross Meyer, Pete Balestrieri, Skye Carrasco & Grace Locke Ward. SLW cover drawn by Toby Goodshank. Toby Goodshank cover drawn by SLW. 7" comes with a free digital download!

6335 / dBpm / Silver Antlers / Transcode - "4way Split Cassette" Tape features 4 different artists with 4 very different tracks. Anti-music, drones, EAI, ambiences, melodies, harshness and pleasantries. Each tape comes in a one of a kind hand made sleeve. Each tape looks different but sticks to the same THEME. limited to 40 copies so grab one while you can. Comes with digital download.


The final touches are being made to for the Jonathan Boulay and Timothy Boulanger split cassette. ‎Should be finished very shortly (for real this time). Both guys spill out some really great songs here. Go check out some upcoming tracks for this in the DOWNLOAD section of the site.

dBpm has another cassette coming up titled "MUSIC TO FUCK TO" this mini album will be coming housed up in recycled cigarette boxes with some surprises for you inside. Tunes on this one are going in a different direction from the last track on that 4way split cassette. This one is gonna be out within the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The cover art for 7" is now finished. Sam and Toby drew each others covers. This baby should be out really soon in the meantime check out the album artwork.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rake Kash artwork and Autumn Crickets mp3

Rake Kash 12" EP title Herr Tambourine Mann. Instrumental organ/piano/percussions/guitars/lots of that jazz on 1 sided 12" vinyl. Limited to 100 copies split with Gertrude Tapes. Should be available early March or hopefully late February. Also comes with a Download code!


1. 69 Questions
2. Foreign Lands
3. Magda
4. Hot Tears
5. Autumn Crickets
6. Dear S.
7. An Old Man Goes A-Wondering
8. Herr Tambourhine Mann

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Join the mailing list....

send an email to chthonicrecords@gmail.com and we'll add you to the mailing list.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


The funds and music have been sent into the pressing plant and they've quoted us about 3-4 weeks to get everything back. So look for this one to be available in about a month if not sooner. It's coming with a digital download code and all that so you can listen to it on the go. 3 tracks each by Sam Locke Ward and Toby Goodshank (of the Moldy Peaches). Tracklist as follows:

1 Nothing For Me
2 Bliss Blue Skies
3 The Top

1 Beach
2 Alana
3 Virgo

Sunday, January 23, 2011

RAKE KASH - Herr Tambourhine Mann 12" EP

L Eugene Methe is just finishing up the final touches on his new Rake Kash EP. this was originally going to be a cassette release but now it's going to be on 12" vinyl because it's better that way. Limited to 100 copies co-release with Gertrude Tapes. Sending this out for pressing in the next week or so and should be out by late February / early March. Really good tunes on this one.