Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News news news! Summer 2011

It's summer and we haven't had a release in a few months but don't worry because there's lots coming up. Or a few things rather. First of all the long awaited Jonathan Boulay / Timothy Boulanger split cassette has been completed putting them tapes together this week so it should be ready for everyone sometime next week if all goes as planned.

Next will be the dBpm cassette ep "Music to Fuck to" should be coming together this week as well. 14 minutes of noise music put on to purple cassette tapes housed in old cigarette boxes. Comes with some extra goodies for your adult pleasures.

Also a short run of CDRs will be made from an incredible House Show that was played a few weekends ago to say goodbye to a great home that had many wonderful shows. This was the one to end them all. It was recorded and will be available for whoever wants a copy soon. The fine folks who play on this one are the lovely: Timothy Boulanger, Sam Burton, and Brent Colbert's project "Awful Truth."

Lastly we're starting a new compilation cassette and looking for some more people to be on it. So if you've got some tracks and want to submit feel free to send us an email over at chthonicrecords@gmail.com.


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